ProAcTA: Publications

Several books and articles have been published on the programmatic approach, an earlier version of the Programmatic Action Framework (PAF). The following list includes publications connected to the framework, both from the joint project work and previous publications. 



Hornung, J./Bandelow, N. C./Vogeler, C. S.: Social Identities in the Policy Process. Policy Sciences 52(2): 211-231.



Hornung, J./Bandelow, N. C.: The Programmatic Elite in German Health Policy. Collective Action and Sectoral History. Public Policy and Administration


Bandelow, N. C./Hartmann, A./Hornung, J.: Winter is Coming - But Not Yet. German Health Policy Under the Third Merkel Chancellorship. German Politics


Bandelow, N. C./Hartmann, A./Hornung, J.: Selbstbeschränkte Gesundheitspolitik im Vorfeld neuer Punktuierungen. In: Zwischen Stillstand, Politikwandel und Krisenmanagement. Eine Bilanz der Regierung Merkel 2013-2017, Reimut Zohlnhöfer/Thomas Saalfeld (eds.). Wiesbaden: Springer VS. 



Genieys, W./Joana, J.: The Custodians of State Policies Dealing With the Financial Crisis: A Comparison Between France and the US. International Relations and Diplomacy 5(5): 322-341.



Genieys, W./Hassenteufel, P.: The Shaping of New State Elites: Healthcare Policymaking in France Since 1981. Comparative Politics 47(39): 280-295. 


Genieys, W./Joana, J.: Bringing the State Elites Back In? Les Gardiens des Politiques de l’État en Europe et aux États-Unis. Gouvernement et Action Publique 2015(3): 57-80. 



Darviche, S./Genieys, W./Hoeffler, C./Joana, J.: Des “Long Timers“ au Sommet de l’État Américain. Les Secteurs de la Défense et de la Santé (1988-2010). Gouvernement et Action Publique 2013(1): 7-38.



Genieys, W./Hassenteufel, P.: Who Governs Public Policy? Gouvernement et Action Publique 2012(2): 89-115.



Genieys, W.: The New Custodians of the State: Programmatic Elites in French Society. London; New York: Routledge/Taylor & Francis.


Hassenteufel, P./Smyrl, M./Genieys, W./Moreno-Fuentes, F.: Programmatic Actors and the Transformation of European Health Care States. Journal of Health Politics, Policy, and Law 35(4): 517-538.



Genieys, W./Smyrl, M.: Elites, Ideas, and the Evolution of Public Policy. United States: Palgrave MacMillan. 


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