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14 September 2019: Report on the Annual ProAcTA Meeting

3-7 September 2019: Report on the ECPR Conference in Wroclaw 2019

28 August - 1 September 2019: Report on the APSA Annual Meeting in Washington DC 2019

26-28 June 2019: Report on the ICPP Conference in Montréal

policy-studies.eu is a website that aims to foster exchange on policy analysis in Europe. Mainly informed by US-American perspectives and political structures, policy analysis has developed as a distinct research field in Europe. Against this backdrop, a platform for discussing the portability of western theories to Europe as well as for fostering Europe-specific approaches to the analysis of public policy is ever more necessary. This website presents several points of reference for this undertaking. ProAcTA, which presents the first subpage, is a French-German project funded by the ANR and the DFG to refine the Programmatic Action Framework (PAF) as an innovative perspective on policy change and stability. Originating from French political science, ProAcTA shows the potential that the PAF holds to gain insights into policy process of other (European and non-European) countries. Similarly, the European Policy Analysis (EPA) journal is likewise dedicated to the presentation of perspectives stemming from European policy analysis and how they may be applied in Europe and beyond. It equally discusses how Anglo-American perspective may appropriately transferred to European cases.


policy-studies.eu explicitly welcomes exchange on these issues. Please approach the responsible scholars for any kind of input or queries.  


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Comparative Politics and Public Policy

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